Monday, July 20, 2020

Fare Free Alliance organizing for #freepublictransit in San Francisco Bay Area

Fare Free Alliance is a non-profit organization advocating for all public transit in the nine county San Francisco Bay Area to be boarded at no cost, as well as for low-cost carpooling, utilizing rideshare technology, so that riders can reach transit hubs (such as BART and bus stations) without having to use private cars. Our ultimate goal is to place a regional measure on the ballot. We are also exploring potential pilot projects within the region.

Benefits of our proposal
  • Transportation can be a large portion of cost-of-living, especially for lower-income communities, that have historically been under-served by public transit. This proposal can massively reduce that cost, and possibly eliminate the necessity for many people to own private cars entirely.
  • Environmental impacts and fossil fuel consumption can be reduced along with the overall number of cars on the road.
  • Mass transit also reduces congestion, as well as the overall amount of land dedicated to cars through roads as well as parking. Currently, all of the parking spaces in San Francisco alone, laid end-to-end, would run the entire length of the West Coast of the US.
  • Cost and time savings for transit agencies through lack of fare enforcement. Resources currently dedicated to pursuing fare evaders can be utilized to improve public safety on transit.
  • Increase mobility and quality of life for seniors, people living with disabilities, families with children, and others for whom transportation can be a challenge.
  • Businesses will be more accessible to consumers, which will revitalize our commercial corridors.
  • People will be more free to travel to the places they want to visit.
  • Improve the tourism experience in our amazing region and increase tourist spending.
  • Reduce drunk driving, by providing a simple way for people to get home late at night.

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