Thursday, May 24, 2012

Police stand guard while agents of the 1% terrorize a community

The 1% has tried every way they can think of to discredit #occupywallstreet. They have even gone so far as to organize thugs to terrorize people. Here, in this video, it is clearly shown how these agents are protected by police as they vandalize a community. The agents will then later show up at an #occupy action and pretend to support it. In this way the 1% hopes people will associate this thuggery with #occupy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Riot police take off helmets and join anti-austerity march

Global Winnipeg | 20,000 people march at a Frankfurt Occupy protest: German police: "German police officers escort an anti-capitalism protest march with some 20,000 people in Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, May 19, 2012. Protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe's biggest financial hub in their protest against the dominance of banks and what they perceive to be untamed capitalism, Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis said. The protest group calling itself Blockupy has called for blocking the access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt's business district. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Senate Approves Bay Area Regional Commute Benefit Bill | Senator Leland Yee, Ph.D.

Senate Approves Bay Area Regional Commute Benefit Bill | Senator Leland Yee, Ph.D.: "Such a policy will ensure that employers with over 50 workers help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, and air pollution by offering employees the option to pay for their public transit, vanpooling, or bicycling expenses with pre-tax dollars, or by offering employees a transit or vanpool subsidy or free shuttle service. "

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