Friday, July 22, 2011

Metrolink has record ridership during I-405 closure - Railway Track and Structures

Metrolink has record ridership during I-405 closure - Railway Track and Structures: "With almost 20,000 boardings over the weekend, Metrolink experienced the highest weekend ridership it has seen in its 19-year history. This weekend's numbers are almost 50 percent higher than the same weekend last year and 10 percent higher than the previous weekend record set when Metrolink offered train service to and from the U2 concert in Anaheim.

'The availability of public transportation during the closure of I-405 played a significant part in the increases, but there are other factors as well. The popularity of the $10 Weekend Pass and the beach trains between San Bernardino and San Clemente, all make a difference,' said Richard Katz, Metrolink board chair.


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