Monday, June 27, 2011

Sign the Petition - INVEST IN TRANSIT

Sign the Petition - INVEST IN TRANSIT: "Our economy. California is projected to grow by a whopping 20 million people by 2050. Without good public transportation, regions will be crippled by congestion and productivity will plummet due to poor access to labor and resources. Plus, investing in transit creates good, green jobs.
Our environment. Transportation is the largest source of California’s greenhouse gases, which means we can't fight climate change without making it possible for more people to drive less. And we'll all breathe cleaner air with less cars on the road.
Our quality of life. Effective public transportation is good for everyone, no matter the age or income. It's how seniors and people with disabilities live independently. It’s how families save money and commuters avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. It’s the cornerstone of vibrant, walkable communities."

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