Monday, December 13, 2010

Oakland Chinatown - Safety before cars » Article » Oakland Chinatown Standing Up to be Heard as Transit Development Plan Develops: "'A traffic study showed that Chinatown had the most traffic injuries and deaths of any area in the city,' said Sherry Hirota, chief executive officer of Asian Health Services, which partnered with the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce to lead the fight. 'The signals were too short and the area has one of the highest densities in the city. We practically had to have a showdown with traffic engineering. Most traffic studies are designed for cars.'

That was just the beginning of the community speaking up and making demands. If Chinatown had been viewed as the quietest wheel in a city where the squeaky wheels get the grease, those days are over. Asian-American organizations and activists have organized the community in a process that can serve as a model for communities trying to make sure city and county plans don't railroad their interests."

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