Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MUNI workers made scapegoats while billions are spent on auto subsidy

Facts For Working People: San Francisco Mayor Carry's Out Threat Against MUNI Drivers. Union Leaders Call a Lawyer, AFL-CIO Backs Mayor: "The San Francisco Chronicle prepares the ground by building public animosity toward the MUNI drivers and public sector workers in general.� The MUNI driver's refusal to cut their own throats meant that they were taking “….money intended to stop a proposed increase in discounted passes for seniors, youth and the disabled and to blunt service cuts…..”�� the Chronicle wrote earlier this year.� All the thieving and corruption that goes on as the contractors, business and various other sections of the capitalist class get their noses deep in the public trough and the transit drivers are to blame for capital's refusal to provide free public transit."

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