Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seattle - New light rail - bike racks - no parking

Bike racks -- good. No parking -- good. Now, do like Bogotá and have fare-free feeder buses.


  1. King County Metro is at the moment financially on the ropes even with fares. So is State of Washington. Where would you like the money for free buses to come from?

  2. Jniles: The money can come from tax revenues. Just stop paying all the auto subsidies. Stop giving tax abatements for sprawl. Stop new road contstruction. Make the auto and fossil-fuel companies pay for all the auto-collision medical costs currently borne by the state.... and on ... and on ... and on...
    Oh yeah stop funding oil wars and cleaning up from climate disruption. Make those who profit from wasting energy pay for the mess. Come on jniles ... you can do better.